A tailored, button-down shirt never goes out of style - it's a classic. It gives the wearer the look and feeling of perfection - exuding a sophisticated confidence, an effortless cool.

Since 1992, Sandra Ingrish has been a premier designer of classic women's shirting. Her inspiration originated from the timeless allure of vintage beauties such as Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn, and Marlene Dietrich by putting her own feminine twist on classic men's tailoring.

Almost 25 years later, Sandra’s approach to apparel has transformed into a casual mien all while upholding a fantastic fit. We are shaped by current fashion trends honoring San Francisco’s authentic culture. The result gives a presence that is effortless, refined, modern, and undeniably feminine to compliment your diligent lifestyle.

Made to go beyond the office, these updated classics are offered in an array of quality fabrics, colors, and patterns. We believe in giving our customer versatile, affordable staples to add to any wardrobe. A driven entrepreneur, Sandra understands the many demands on modern day women. Her design philosophy reflects that understanding and seeks to underscore the belief to produce

Clothing for your lifestyle.